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om o v presidential debate. it starts at 8:55 p.m. eastern for your analysis before and after the event. thanforatch "sdiob"thpait >>art :on the east coast. i am shepard smith in new york. this is "studio b" today. the men who claim the state department ignored requests for security in libya testified in front of a republican-led house of reesentatives cote veigatthe dtt tnse igh a edstration's response. what a day it has been. if you have not been watching, wait until you hear this. the former head of a 16-member u.s. military team in libya, lt. colonel wood t thhousof prtas oignd rn r cttet , su benghaz never had the forces it needed to protect itself. never.
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>> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle through my time there. the situation remained uncertain andreports from someya caitas in e. pl sitemea ri tre was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. they struggled to obtain additional prsonnel but was never able to attain t nuers deme onsety ce libya testified, as well. here is what he said, that the united states could not count on lib jab security forces to help with security adequately. >> the libya temporary seritysstoloas unable to extend ion ay are expecting to see around the world. we could not rely on the libyan government for security, inlligence, and law enforcement help to identify emerging threats or to ask them rise itin tohecotern
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a private interview, that a state department official who oversees diplomatic security wanted to keep the number of "aicyoty personnel in benghazi dahege the mmeecg om missions around the globe and a constant struggle. >> i worked closely with more than 275 facilities around the world determining the right it itee agogriorch o. evolving process that i appreciate and understand from my own time on the ground a a diplomatic security for. >>shepard: she testified that she has never visited lya. stdemeeld pon t ak le baorstsdhree others. the officials say they never concluded that the attack grew from a protest. never. no protest over a low-budget
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anti-islam video. you mayeca te unedta ss tthit onfll ple s ,nily cme loudly and over and over and over and over again that extremists hijacked protests over the video. there were no protests. the state departments coming thosssas wee f cag wendell is at the white house. first we will go to catherine in washington, dc. this was an astounding thing to he. fuowheamadodinnve wa tort attack. we believe this is the protests that got out-of-control. now we know there was in protest. >>reporterthat is right. as youreca, dft t atts wst t ponoxat tasno
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moation at the consulate in benghazi so there was not a demonstration that could spin out-of-control and land as a terrorist attack on the site. a short time ago at the hearing the republican chairman pushed the toptateart es inig twe believe is an intercept that losing tied the attack in benghazi to the demonstrations in cairo. >> what you are saying here today is that one piecef tellenceot se setyic baorico make a wrong statement, five or six days later, and sunday is a long time after tuesday, so, you are saying you got it wro and it stayed wrong. you didn'tnownye ist right? >> the information that was available from the intelligence community to both myself --. >> ambassador, ambassador, ambassador, you are a great witness historically. i asked you, did you h
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ra levei ys o. >> dt an ber r days. that is your testimony. >>reporter: a heated exchange with a state department employe who over. >> the --ho oaw >>arheree ai the substandard security situation. we heard they wanted to keep the number of personnel artificially low. why in the world would do you that? >>reporter: the questio today is whether the disio on rierve lawmakers are trying to get to the bottom of. you recalled on september 17 we reported there was no demonstration and the consulate did not meet the specific physical security stanrds laid out by the state deme for t iisa f rrm ivnr y,tt w placed into
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the public record. >> did the buildings in benghazi meet the so-called standards? after the bombings in beirut we went back to the vement and dieyd tt mumnd. e mu standards? >> neither the buildings in benghazi or in tripoli, they did not meet the standards or was there a plan for the next phase of construction, what was called thmeans.l reer heard from lt. colonel wood who oversaw the military security, he said the attacks including on the consulate could only meanon in tihee tisyon ul give up and leave benghazi. when that occurred, it was apparent to me that we were the last flag flying inenazi.
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ta l lh t >>reporter: one of the more surprising statements in the hearing is that the two state department witnesses, neither of them have been to libya or been phalurfo veyad baor >>shepard: wow. through it, today, the democrats on the panel are criticizing the republicans who were leading the investigation, right? >>reporter: some of them. the committee's ranking mem seepcati mos oa en ctinsi tya d it was lawmakers who rejected calls from the president to get more funding for diplomats. >> the fact is, since 2011 the house has cut embassy security th antue bonow est. hoof representatives has done that. the senate restored some of the
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funds but the final amounts are below the administratn's request. >>reporter: there are two things that have stood out at hngay e ites onon w t ambassador, the undercurrent of sadness which is palpable at the hearing. you could feel it. it was clear from the testimony to those on the ground that it was really a forege cclusion of tars re etul b ep wad already been hit by terrorists. >>reporter: we had, successfully, taking likes. >>shepard: like the precursor. >>reporter: there was a sense in the hague today that there s a sees ofrive runs i uiwh ual theat the security can withstand. there was, last summer, an incident where an i.e.d. was placed on the perimet wall of the consulate. it blewpen a hole but tre s rhatohe
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this we heard from lieutenant colonel wood that it was a foregone conclusion that the united states was in the crosshairs and they would be successful. >>shepard: let'sho that up, they didn't do anything, that is llmu t baore ft ambassador since 1979. we practiced. we got it right. we will do it. >>reporter: and a month later there has been noallout. no one has dropped the hammer on the people responsible. >>rtto best of our.a..i.a knowledge. it could have been a strike by al qaedato flush us out of that area. >>arhetese adr wi la' est rni officials in the capital city today in tripoli. they discussed how libya and the
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united states can work together to bring the attackers in benghazi to justice. work tether. that comesn tee itm tang e mr o our ambassador. they first called it an "outbreak of protest after a video." weontinue now with wendell from the white house. wendell, how is the white house feg cesga arrionthta po: lkreay the administration officials were saying publicly what they were being told at the time by the intelligence community but some state department officials were saying privately after the attack th it wrded cfupld. meaer w asking, why would protesters have mortars and rocket propelled grenades. the tendency was to link the benghazi atck with the protests against anti-islam film inr whesereear rnayve em
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vencd caveats. >> from the beginning we have provideed information based on the facts we knew as they were available based on assessments no oonli cun clsetysdequate and it is under review. >>shepard: lmakers are saying lawmakers on the other side the aisle of politicizing it and it feels people on both sides of right. >>reporter: you are rt. puanine adto successful attack by al qaeda or al qaeda-affiliated group given the claim that al qaeda is on the run, according to the president. senator corker who just returned from benghaz sys u.s ssuned fr a breast. >> i look at susan rice, five days later, there is no
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question, no question beyond a shadow of a doubtth w ow erythis tnyil e candidly, my theory, and i don't know, we will find out, someone will write a book about this, but she was then under the bus. >>reporter: democrats expect the hearing w tahe nitiok b republicans argue maps of the compound available in google should not be own in opposition. >>shepard: it may have made the administtion look bad. weave lenedhe trrorts tathoat long before this and they warned us on facebook they would do it again. they difficulty. they murdered our ambassador. the first american ambassador murdered overseas since 1979. right before arica wld thidev tell us about
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the first strike. we will speak with an expert on this and try to get to the bottom of it on capitol hill. this is "studio b." [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just pluth into yourar, anyourood in cave u 3 why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before youwitch. visit progressive.cotoday.
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>>shepard: on hill million right now they are talking about the attack that happenedn 9/11 of this year that killed our ambassador. you can listen. >> donn a w i si otlaie snben fi and this was on september 20, with secretary of state, hillary clinton and other personnel. n we talk about that? or not? >> if it was in a classified setting the only thin that i wod thk ispprote i onen yav co re. otherwise, the specifics i could not judge.
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>> it comes down to what caused this? miss lamb, i have read your testimony. it wld ibto w aneme night i read another account, at 830 p.m. the ambassador said good night to a visiting turkish diplomat at9: pnlo wasbu heard by agents located in building b. it is absolutely preposterous to me that we would watch ambassador rice go out d s aefano, ht in w. this is not a terrorist attack. this is a result of a 15-minute youtube. we are in denial or, unfortunately, and some of the members are concerned because i have to tell yout ie
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then what they want any time they want and when we have a weakened position around the world and we leave our people as unprotected and we say, this is terriblebecause elony in o ? he same question: where the heck were we before 9/11, this 9/11? why weren'twe questioning it then? my goodness! 230 security instances in libya between june 01 j o . ingh a two at the diplomatic compound and the scene of the 9/11 2012 terrorist attack and you say it the result of the video on youtube? li,avsk younc say you could not possibly have had a different idea than secretary rice when she went before the nation on september
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16. this thing smells. from everyngl it w draik -wa mos -- it waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. we have ur americans dead. iave to tell you it is upsetting to go home and look the peoplenhe, ple o doat w dll inig, gh rk and women that go out and work and they come home and they can figure it out but we try to figure it out? and you watched it inealti gd my goodness, the terrorts decided to just go crazy. and africa is on fire. thank you r pointing outas ry deot
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te. elsoyrou and lt. colonel wood to come here, you are on the ground not watching far away, your people are not there in real time. we have watched our colleagues thst ihwe know, it is because we have become lax. >>shepard: congressman kelly of pennsylvania is asking questions or testifying. inresting to me. we were warned this is coming. they asked if security. they did not get it. now our ambassador is murdered. with us now is a senior fello prram, relernational security fo navy helicopter pilot with 20 years of intelligence experience. rick served in afghanistan, as
3:21 pm
well. thank you for your service. they want to talk about the political stu. that is not inreg mibeinsttohe leoatgas some of them with their jaws drop, is that first of all, the man who is in crge of the security detail there hassaid from the beginning in the testimony that we don't have the security need for our aricawh w tens. th in benghazi. but no one toll us. then they put on facebook they would attack again. no one told us. then they attacked again and they too us it was not an ck bhreoo a soinn'htte tis going on like this around the world as we nation build? are automatic of our people sitting ducks? >>guest: what this reminds us, ea day we he thousandsf amaniatsnd a in osenh r
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environments. we have an obligation to ensure that they are secured adequately and we provide the funding and resources to ensure that safety d security. we need to see from the hein ot be. ep a t commercial we will pick it right up. hang on. . delicious and wholese. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup fr campbell's. throughout our lives. one a dayen's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+
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>>shepard: before that nice commercial so rudely interrupted userlkut t mu oeo dotu increase security. then they came and murder our people. a senior fellow fom international security firm is with us, a former navy helicopter pilot with over 20 years of experience including teis cr.naalun thowit ewhf aor the security and they don't get and it they kill
3:26 pm
our guys? >>guest:hat it demonstrates is we have thousands of americans, diplomats and aide workers deployed, serving i hanign t re aeqlyprte th e resources need. again, assigning blame is the easy part in this exercise because there is going to an lot too around. coticto eeeo n'ee t en a. >>shepard: that sounds absolutely right but it reminds me of 1993 at the world trade center. they came over here and tried their damnest to murder everyone in the building that time. what did we? bl,ah teed r tai we're coming, and they came and we acted surprised. this is shocking, certainly, but surprising? really? after they told us they were going to d'rured
3:27 pm
oan use esha f reg t attack is this is sophisticated and unprecedented. i am not sure whether we had three or five securityn the ground. >>shepard: we only had one american security for our byey, tan w hd rehei pe, i thought this was interesting, the question was asked by a representative, how many surface-to-air missiles, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missileshat can shoot down our jehow many are mng acte? ndat t number was, five or ten. the answer is, between 10,000 and 20,000 and we havediplomats over there hanging out, ready to be murdered? what are we doing. >>gues we adeel ep we preo k enduaaf secure. identifying the failures in the system is what is important
3:28 pm
going forward. we will continue to operate in the unstable environment an tt. d't tst at tri, t t omon t ew wall out. well, we can blow the wall out. see if they change security. we didn't. now they murdered our ambassador. we don't seem to be learning from our mistakes. we did notearn in 2003 when le ahestttid tuedrs bassad orseas since 1979. it seems like we could be trying to do a little bit too much, doesn't it? mae we are trying to do too much. >>guest: we ve a very adapted eninhe ns qndeis i frr. ilav tem it to this as we saw by the attack. there are individuals that are continuing to seek and harm the united state to harm the facilities and we need to remain vigilant and fund and resource the capabilit >>epar parof the reicine e
3:29 pm
esti tcuck ety we don't know. this is all election stuff. it will be republicans yelling at democrats and democrats blaming each other. that is what they do. they are skirting over the fact that the terrorists told us they were coming to benaz thols,re oth. we left one security guard and a man who risked his life for years and years for the people of libya, was blown upby them. now there a 10,000 to 20,000 surface-to-air mills ready to shoot ouretut of t. e wng dk t by an you, sir. >> governor romney is sending a second day in must-win ohio and new word that the strategy may be starting to work inhat e. ilav tespog er isis "studio b."
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decided to give lance armrong ife a s hf nomeronc armstrong. when we got the comments from lance armstrong, that was back when he was winning tour de frances saying, i am not doping. now they have a thousand pages of eviden but he kept the rsts mose e h s t money. >> politics now. governor romney campaigning today in ohio. everyone is in ohio. everyone. you have to be in ohio. potential must win for the former governor, considering that in republican has won the posh gedrodo. e. e cnn survey finds president obama's lead is in the margin of error, 51 to 47. mighty close, anyway. other new surveys show a tight e. thest d lsh pt. that is in the state of ohio,
3:35 pm
ahead by .8 aides of obama are seizing on comments on abortion cusi the bl epnthiosn wiegd to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda." a romney spokeswoman walked that statement back saying he "would, prti life."i >> obama aides say the governor is distancing himself from his own views to win overwhelm voters. carl cameron is live with the news in delaware, ohio, the city d e ste. th aoctst s at was the position. now, that is not the position. >>carl: well, running mte paul ryan, the governor' aides say his position h not changed
3:36 pm
anest a ioldi roicante acagn pounding the government for this saying women should not trust governor romney. he is trying to move beyond it. there is an open question whether it will be an issue tweeheesibi ne running mate, paul ryan. the downtown area has been closed off for a thousand folks for a stop at bun's restaurant. they were in poiar m ra on, both governor romney and governor chris christie. >> get the government get out of the yanucc ca you not likely to hear romney use words like "hell,"
3:37 pm
but chris christie got it out in the first couple of seconds. romney will campaign inio today but t bigv ihe idalebemo aorlshomn has regained the lead. the momentum is here, and there is increasing anxiety among the democrats over worry that the president could be losing. with to new momentu mit eyin bto omusrd j d th tob record ask not deserve re-election as he has been saying now since the convention, saying the country cannot afor another four more years of this. can cgrola,thank y, carl io. >>shepard: this is on the east of the first and only scheduled vice presidential debate with less than a month until the election. polls are tightening. the stakes are gh. ce pdeen u
3:38 pm
es t rseomm r apren ams performance and the v.p. has decades of experience and he has had some great debates. youtube, goole it, look it up. but he has the reputationor ffes which makes it grt. paul an, oas l hen'enedem t maybe he will capitalize on the momentum tomorrow. he made a name for himself in congressut is a newcomer to the national stage. with us now is a former nsultant on presidentbama reicity leader and new jersey state assemblyman. it is f when you get two "johns" on one set. tomorrow, the big question, really, obama g aumft cotiee le idnk sonio ntte than the other guy's position. he got a bump this. there is a new bump that came
3:39 pm
from governor romney in the last debate. there is an argument you can make this is more significant causdhe th a rnma ith heon that, the people on the fence, has the race fundamentally changed? >> it was not a bmp but a complete change. no question. the momenm changed. this is like the last coupngin aseme den ho i a whene swings for the 15s he does his gaffes. >>shepard: they said that about romney and he swung for the fence andept hitting them out. priegic: every time he h a ep h l the gingrich debate. >>guest: he won the pimary. the problem with biden, he has to makeup for allhe lt ground obama lost and he has a ugad d h
3:40 pm
ep wdo t? >> governor romney had a good debate with 67 million people watching it. he did a very good job. i love baseball but i wou take the baseball analogy and say he got a couple of ru, in doubt. yookatelectp d arso men ckprenamd t tracking polls, it is hard to know how big the bump will be. there is a burn. no two ways aboutt. >>shepard: if you were going up against ryan, what uld you try gethim lkbo esnkiwo m out on his b.s. >>shepard: specifics? >>guest: he is hailed as a deficit hawk but his own budget doesn't balance until 2040. the olson tws wll b 5 b eme is balanced. >> if you taking youroney, who do you give it to?
3:41 pm
joe biden and president obama or ryan and ey? ep bon t opant specifics? >>guest: what they --. >>shepard: you are saying you ll not mess with the deficit but you are not adding more tax money. if you don't add more money, how does it wor tabo.eaire >> stimulating the economy, the president has not laid out his plan and they are saying, why doesn't governor romney lay out hisplan. he has done it over and ovend h tedutcug rd >> i would rr ben t side of momentum. >> if you are driving across the country and you say you will do it in 15 years can you not do that unless you speed. that is what mitt romney is sayi >>shd:y saey ll tutit h ld.
3:42 pm
stands to reason that the american people would go, you should tell us how but they are not going to. >>guest: i think we will hear it from the vice predent. wdov il >>shepard: all right guys, john, john, everyone is john today. we will be in kentucky tomorrow. i will miss the fox report welthrheufuse we have to fly. mo aios i o e dc nrkanet baier and megyn will host it on the news channel, going a few minutes before hanny's time ot the f sldaw elarak tith cost the government hundreds of millions. wait, wait, wait, cost the government? what they really mean is, it cost the people. so if wells fargo paid hundreds
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>>shepard: new video into fox news. lock abdelbhaset a t. teo ament park ride came down, an implosion, at six flags over texas, and officials d to get rid of the 36-year-old texas shootout. steno it gow ey mgmr . iig . >> the largest home lenders is wells fargo and faces charges they hid the truth of thousands of mortgage loa they certified for a federal insurance program. a mortgage lenderhid the truth. craz rigt? tilyodr o
3:47 pm
ioheeo fd. feds have sued wells fargo for fraud spanning a decade. the lender says wells fargo denies the allegatns and lievwe anod fh th raul and now, we have author of "rebounders, how winners pivot from success." wells fargo dinot ny on gu yreyn t e s,itso. >>shepard: i read the words and most of them are nothing. >>guest: it is a familiar story. the better question is, would hasn'teen accused of issuing bogus mortgages during th stthaspp wbble inil thventgutehe s they said that wells fargo took over another troubled lender and that happened in 2008
3:48 pm
so some of them may go back to the other bank. but a lot of them were not garts te who could not afford it just churning out the fees and packaging them into securities. they were the so-called toxic securities that were volv i eeln. e rn i ngth on e hook insuring the mortgages and the federal government wants the money back. >>epard: t shocking thing is that the government did not think this could happen when they changed the rules under the clinton administration. deedooropnhat ru change? >>ar this is how it was supposed to work. >>guest: the banks are supposed to say we police the rules. the f.h.a. doesn't. the government doesn't checkup on y tost yfoo buen they blow up, the
3:49 pm
government can come back and say we will place a claim on you. >>shepard: that is how the government set it up. when you change the rules that degree, for instance, if you tell the inmates inside the asyl, here are the keys d an tow e r up and start escaping and you act are lying. >>guest: everyone is complicity. congress wanted to do this, both lond trers cathad a house for aee or three years and they had to default. we are all worse off to the extent this has destabilized the whole financi sstem pe a srus i ls. re aoss. >>shepard: it could happen yet, the depression. >>guest: it might. >>shepard: a passenger landed at a major u.s. airport with an
3:50 pm
arsenal in his luggage. an arsenal? s, a smbygs and more. what were the weapons for? how did he make it on the plane in the first place? we will ask the t.s.a. next. toninolate emi thas sgent on toste ecisn wo professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. e' ne 's alasrayoat. e' nally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>>shepard: the feds now say a guy managed to board a plane to los angeles with enough weapons to inflict serious damage. weapons. thsecuty tgh rli aedatx fy. he was stopped when he had a bullet-proof vest on. guy with bullet-proof vest, ask him a question. he also had a knife the when screeners looked at his lugga, he is what else eyou
3:54 pm
oknaaga mask, three leather coated billy cubs, a collapsible baton, a hatchet, body bag, handcuffs and of course more knives. the png h y roou w, jthu here. lamb -- lax was not the first stop. >>jonathan: the japanese and korean equivalent of the t.s.a. have questions to answer. asar asic a a, is p ys, f de al in japan. he then flew to korea where he boarded the flight to lax. the question is, wre did he get e items in as soas h nd lesstd custom officials. >>shepard: was everything in the checked bags in
3:55 pm
>>jonathan: it is not legal getting on a plane with flame retarrant pants or au f b isllto y more e he things, a lot of them are possibly legal. the only other thing that could be illegal according to state laws are the collapsible baton and the billy clubs. obviously, a lotf queions yo c b bagsedcogto and all the weapons that could hurt or kill people because you are gog to a party. he i part of a bigger portion po aosngpo.ationyto ey tndtha is behind these things he was bring back >>jonathan: and now, again, a smoke grenade, a collapsible baton, a full face breathing su, handcuffs, leg irons, and
3:56 pm
a device to repel dogs. he was either on the way to a heck of a halloween party or something more sinister. >>shepard: i read sndgo tok otn black friday. maybe he was prepared for a shopping adventure. it will beike fine's bament oc. >> staystay tuned.
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shd:rily owned cargo ship has made it to the international space station, docking successfully the first commcial flight to the space station part of $1.6 billion ectren a
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